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Souplantation was family heaven.  This was absolutely NOT an adult restaurant, but a kid paradise where almost every table had messy, noisy, laughing families.  I was a single mom with two boys in the late 90s and early 00s and this was their favorite place to eat out.  The youngest was a very picky eater, so to go to a restaurant where he could select exactly what he wanted — and ONLY what he wanted — was a dream.  As a mom, I could just relax and enjoy a dinner out on a weeknight.  I didn’t have to worry about how well-behaved my sons were, how much food they dropped on the floor or what was on the menu.  I ate soups and salads.  They ate pizza and muffins.  (And of course they LOVED the softserve ice cream bar!)  Every other table seemed to have families, so I didn’t even care if I had another adult to talk to.  I could just smile at the family at the table next to us and they’d smile back in recognition.  My sons are grown men now, gourmets with very good cooking skills.  But I’m sad we’ll never get to eat at a Souplantation for “old time’s sake.”  My sons aren’t even 30 yet.  They’re too young to have to say goodbye to their childhood memories.

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