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Once upon a time I hated Souplantation, mostly because of salad bars. I think salad bars are the yesterday’s Coronavirus. But I also hated them because I need warm vegetables and maybe a steak. But I met a guy who because my husband, and he loved Souplantation. We frequented the Porter Ranch location because we lived in Van Nuys for a bit. And then I just fell in love with everything about Souplantation but the food. And then fast forward to a few years later and it was the first restaurant we took our kiddo to. He was about 3 months old, asleep in his stroller as we sat in the far north corner. And we moved and the Alhambra location became our go to family spot. Our kid devoured the breads and ate first “ice cream” there. And he counted the cars in the parking lot when we left. I’ll miss you Souplantation.

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