Simi Valley Location

I used to live in Simi, and that was probably the biggest and nicest SP I ever ate at. My oldest son would sit in his high chair eating cheese and kidney beans out of the little cups. He would have a 2 foot radius of spilled food all over the floor underneath him.

That’s when we started tipping at SP, and even once my kids stopped making a mess, we continued to tip after the meal. The employees was always really nice to us.

About 2 years ago we showed up as usual, and a lady at the door told us they were remodeling, and were closed for the day. Turns out they never reopened again. We were so bummed. We never considered the Porter Ranch location to be as good, so we stopped going until we re-started with the Camarillo location a couple of years ago.

I hope someone buys out whatever is left of SP and brings it back.

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